Foxwood Kennels - Dog Breeders for Mix, Pure bred, and German Shepherd Puppies - Green Bay, De Pere Wisconsin - Top Quality Family Pets And Companions!

Top Quality Family Pets And Companions!

While many of our dogs are show quality, our primary goal is to provide top quality family pets and companions. We’ve been developing our breed lines since 1988, selectively breeding dogs with the primary focus on temperament, health, and structure. All puppies are sold with a written guarantee, verifying that they are free of all major genetic defects. A health record is also included, indicating the vaccinations that they have received.

Foxwood Kennels is a premier dog breeding kennel located in De Pere, Wisconsin. (920) 336-8780

Contact Foxwood Kennels for your dog / puppy showing 920 336-8780 For inquiries and appointments please contact us at :

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*** All puppies sold at Foxwood Kennels are born and raised on the premises under control of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.  Dog Seller License #266933-DS Foxwood Kennels is a state licensed Dog Breeding Facility operating in compliance with WI Act 90, the law inacted in 2009 to eliminate puppy mills in the state of Wisconsin and to ensure that dogs in licensed facilities are treated humanely, get proper exercise, nutrition, veterinary care, socialization, and have a safe, clean living environment.***

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